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Biobanking - SAMBO

SAMBO is the sample management and biobanking platform developed by metagenopolis for the maintenance, tracking and distribution of intestinal samples.

Standardization of fecal sample collection, management and distribution is critical in regards to maximizing throughput while limiting pre-analytical variability for downstream analysis. The platform is working on the establishment of a national fecal biobank capable of storing and distributing over 1,000,000 fecal samples in support of gut microbiota research. Complementary to biobanking, SAMBO is in charge of bacterial DNA extraction, both for functional and quantitative metagenomic projects.

In metagenopolis, Sambo is the first R&D platform to be involved at the onset of the research project:

Expert assistance in project design and specifications is the first step and a key service provided by Metagenopolis.

Recommendations on sample collection, handling, storage and shipment to ensure downstream quality is based on our expertise and knowhow, used in major projects, such as MetaHIT, MicroObese, CrossTalk, MetaCardis.

Stool sample management is the next key step, in which Sambo can guarantee traceability in a major concern.

Standard operating procedures are rigorously respected at all stages and ISO9001 certification is currently in process.

To further the development of automated procedures, Sambo has recently acquired a frozen aliquoting technology as a means to standardize the processing of fecal samples in order to mitigate operational challenges and pre-analytical variability. The successful integration of this technology was validated following the  evaluation of several frozen Aliquoting methodologies, in which qualification criteria mesure the technique’s reproducibility and comparability of quantitative metagenomic profiles with standard techniques previously employed. [read more] lien vers le poster CryoXtract

As a product of the European project “International Human Microbiome Standards” SAMBO is building the next steps of its standardization and automation .

The IHMS project aims at coordinating development of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and protocols that will optimize data comparisons in the human microbiome field. Dr Joël Doré, Sambo’s Scientific Director, is the leader of the work package gathering the development of standard operating procedures for sample collection, identification and processing.

With an annual thoughput of 4000 samples this year, the step by step automation of the procedures will allow the platform to reach its goal of 10 000 samples per year by 2016.

Since 2012, the platform was involved in 4 industrial projects, 4 European and 6 ANR projects

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