The microbiota in human health
and well being.

Major fields of application

A detailed understanding of human biology requires not only knowledge of the human genome but also of the human metagenome. Humans live in constant association with microbes that are present on surfaces and in cavities of the human body, and even within our cells. The number of our microbial companions exceeds by at least ten fold those of cells of our own body and the number of unique genes they encode is at least 100 fold greater than the number of genes in our own genome.

This complex and dynamic microbiota has a profound influence on physiology, nutrition, and immunity. Disruptions in these human associated microbial communities or alterations of the intimate cross-talk between these microbes and human cells are a significant factor in many diseases. Understanding the dynamic and variable nature of human microbial communities is a critical aspect of the challenge before us.

With the aim of enabling discoveries of the roles of the gut microbiome in human health and disease, MGP research projects lead to the translation of the recent discoveries into applications in nutrition, prevention and therapeutics and improve human health and well-being through innovative strategies to restore homeostasis of gut microbial communities.

Applications in the nutrition & the medical fields

Determination of metagenomics profiles,  patient stratification

Discovery of new diagnostic/prognostic biomarkers of disease risk

Development of personalized treatments based on stratification of patients and differentiation of good and poor responders

Analysis of gut bacteria/human cells interactions in health and disease

Analysis of complex ecosystems of food products

Improved nutritional formulations and microbiological safety

Analysis of animal microbiomes

Optimizing growth performance and production 

Improving health and environment

Providing better models for human health and nutrition studies

Identification of bioactive compounds




Targeted nutritional supplements and food selection strategies

Prebiotics, probiotics, synbiotics

Functional foods

Nutritional recommendations for infants, adults and elderly

Microbiome modulation strategies