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METEOR is a software suite dedicated to the primary processing of sequencing data (Illumina, SOLiD or Ion Proton) for quantitative metagenomic applications. The primary processing is composed of several modules for (i) metagenomic data indexation, (ii) quality controls (cleaning and filtering), (iii) mapping the reads and counting the genes in very large reference catalogues (millions of genes) and (iv) aggregation of counting profiles of hundreds of samples. METEOR comes with helpful tools for the integration of new reference catalogues, the management of sequencing data and the creation of running workflows.


Meteor has been referenced by APP with certificate IDDN.FR.001.420008.000.R.P.2013.000.30000


Download software (tested on windows 7 x64) (46.7 MB)

Download tutorial dataset (56.8 MB)

Download tutorial video (35.6 MB)



Nicolas Pons

Jean-Michel Batto



MetaOMineR is a R package allowing laptop analysis of the large counting profiles generated by METEOR. Normalization and down-sampling routines reduce technical variability between samples. Dimension reduction can be achieved by clustering, projecting the data on MetaGenomic Species (MGS) or different filtering procedures. A variety of statistical routines allow to identify genes, MGS and functions associated to a given trait or phenotype.


MetaOMineR has been referenced by APP with certificate IDDN.FR.001.220005.000.R.P.2014.000.10000


Download momr package (2.2 MB)

Download momr tutorial (4.9 MB)



Edi Prifti

Emmanuelle Le Chatelier


SOMA : SOLID reads Metagenomic Assembly


SOMA is a pipeline dedicated to assemble Abi SOLiD reads and predict protein-coding genes. SOMA has a specific parametrisation to perform the assembly in colorspace and integrates several analysis steps for gene detection, identification of MOTUs, taxonomic and functional annotation.


Download Poster presentation of SOMA at IHMC 2015  (1,26 Mo)

Download software  (143 Mo) md5 : 9a62a9d9dfb4f568a400e09e5a00348b 

Download data (3,88 Go) md5 : 734a1ed8752d7b02e9ae261a1e343ebb

Download example (169 Mo) md5 : f95f937c2a7ccdf2079e7892280ae90e



Amine Ghozlane

Mathieu Almeida

Anne-Sophie Alvarez


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