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MetaQuant, is a core platform within Metagenopolis, conceived to provide the most high-performance sequencing in terms of quality, rapidity/speed, robustness and capacity.

In 8 years of operation, the platform and its team have been recognized by a number of significant publications in Nature press and other high-impact journals. MetaQuant is currently in the process of scaling-up its capacity and reviewing the latest technological advancements to reach an industrial scale.


The current performance of MetaQuant has been made possible by the acquisition of the most cutting edge equipment. This has allowed automation of most of the laboratory work-flow. 

From the delivery of DNA, to the validation of data generated by the NGS technology, the MetaQuant team undertakes each step under proven protocols with validated quality controls:

A quality and quantity assessment of the starting material is performed to determine if sample are compatible with the objectives of the project they are issued from. 

Optimization of the sequencing library preparation seeks to obtain the most complete representation of diversity in samples. This is critical to detect quantitative differences, even in low- abundance bacterial genes and species, across large and small cohorts. Library preparation also impacts sequence quality, and impacts the identification of data using our gene catalogue.

Sequencing length has been optimized to balance quality, throughput and costs.


This quantitative metagenomic pipeline is currently under ISO9001 certification preparation for 2015.


The capacity of the platform is in constant progression, with the expected aim to analyse up to 10,000 samples per year by 2017. 


4 SOLiD 5500 Wildfire-type NGS sequencers, Ion Proton NGS, Biomek 3000, FX3000…

The team