The gut microbiota harbours an allegedly vast diversity of antibiotic resistance determinants (ARDs) yet their census (i.e. the resistome) has not been previously determined. Indeed, bioinformatic tools are stymied by the identity gap between known ARDs and those of bacteria from the gut microbiota. At MetaGenoPolis, we developed a new 3-dimensional modelling - based approach called pairwise comparative modelling (PCM) to accurately predict functions of proteins that are distantly related to proteins with known functions. Using PCM, we predicted 6,095 ARDs from 20 families in the human gut microbiota (3.9M MetaHIT gene catalogue)

This website has been designed to provide an easy access to the PCM predictions in various metagenomic datasets. In addition, we provide curated databases of reference ARDs and of ARDs identified in functional metagenomic studies.

Eventually, as some of you may not be familiar with ARDs families, we added some basic information to help you in better understanding the complex and fascinating world of antibiotic resistance!

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Prediction of the intestinal resistome by a novel 3D-based method

Etienne Ruppé, Amine Ghozlane, Julien Tap et al.

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